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Level ll Instructor Training

COS-4Climbing and rappelling challenges and captivates the imagination of all ages. The Level II Climbing Instructor course satisfies the training requirements of the BSA National Standards, Climb On Safely and the Guide to Safe Scouting, while preparing individuals to supervise and facilitate climbing and rappelling activities. This course is an extension of, and builds on the Level I Climbing Instructor course.

Who should attend?
Level I trained climbing instructors with current status who want the next stage of rock climbing and rappelling training, and have the desire to supervise and run BSA rock climbing and rappelling activities for either unit, district, or council events.

Click here to see the COPE & Climbing Training Courses Flowchart to find the course that’s right for you.

The course goal is to ensure that you can safely and effectively manage a climbing program for your unit, district or council by expanding on the topics learned in a Level I course.

1. Complete COPE & Climbing Foundation Level 2 Training Course. (14 hours)
2. Complete Climbing Level 2 Training Course. (21 hours)
3. Run an outdoor climbing event under the supervision of an authorized Climbing Director or Level 2 Instructor.

What will I learn:
This course will cover the basic climbing, rappelling and bouldering skills, rescue techniques, knots and current BSA rules and regulations.

Lesson Plan:
Foundation Level 2
• Getting Acquainted
Climbing20Instructor• Safety Measures & Accident Prevention
• Climbing & Rappelling
• Pulley Systems
• Emergency Preparedness
• Universal Access
• Basic Maintenance
Climbing Level 2
• Site Selection & Management
• Rock Climbing & Technique
• Anchoring
• Standards Recap

Proof of Completion:
Upon successful completion of this course, adults (21+) that satisfactorily demonstrate the necessary skills to the training staff will receive a “BSA Level II Climbing Instructor” card. This meets the training requirements for a “Qualified Instructor” at unit, district or council climbing and rappelling events. Training remains current for three (3) years from the completion date.

Training Dates:
See our Training Schedule for upcoming dates and registration information.

A helmet, climbing harness, carabiner, belay device, rescue “8”, and gloves, are required for outdoor sessions. If you have your own equipment, please bring it to class. All personal equipment will be subject to inspection by the staff to ensure that it meets BSA standards. Equipment can be provided to those that do not have their own gear.

Course prerequisites:
• Must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older.
• Current Level I Climbing Instructor status.
• Bring a current copy of your Youth Protection Training that is appropriate for your BSA membership.
• Bring a current copy of your Climb On Safely completion.
• Bring a current copy of your Annual Health and Medical Record. (Parts A, B & C)

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