Training Courses

The objectives of the HAT programs are to provide the awareness of important issues and considerations that will give a strong sense of confidence to those adult and youth leaders who will plan and lead high adventure outings while ensuring safety and enjoyment.

All training courses require a minimum of six (6) registered participants, otherwise they will be canceled. As an added convenience, units that organize six (6) or more leaders to be trained at once can request the option to have our training staff come to you for certain training courses. We will work to schedule a time and location that helps get you the training you need. For more information, please contact us at

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Basic Backpacking & Outdoor Leader

Basic Backpacking and Outdoor Leader is offered as a combined training course. The Basic Backpacking training course is designed to help prepare the new Trek Leader for taking scouts into the wilderness or provide updated information for the veteran Trek Leader. Basic Backpacking classroom training is followed with a backpack field experience with a map …

Climbing Instructor

Rock climbing and rappelling is often a favorite activity of the BSA. The Climbing Instructor Training program teaches individuals how to plan, prepare and execute an outing. Taking your unit climbing requires more than just having the right equipment! It requires qualified instructors to ensure a safe trip. By training as a BSA Climbing instructor …


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Trail Boss

Trail Boss participants will be trained by the Trail Boss staff using the most current BSA Trail Boss training standards and safety precautions. The training consists of instruction in trail maintenance and repair, equipment, safety considerations and first aid. Trail Boss training offers many opportunities to further develop teamwork and responsibility in scouting and promotes …

Winter Backpacking

The Winter Backpacking training course is designed to help prepare the experienced Trek Leader for taking scouts into the wilderness during winter conditions. Winter Backpacking classroom training, covering the skills specific to winter/snow backpacking and camping, is followed with a weekend overnight backpacking experience where you will put your skills to use in a real …