Planning a Rock Climbing Weekend

Scoutmasters & Advisors, there is a specific sequence of events that should take place to organize a climbing outing for your unit.

1. Secure a reservation at a climbing site for your unit. (Joshua Tree, Lost Valley, Three Falls, etc). This should be made far in advance, they fill up fast. Consider the weather conditions when planning your event. It’s not fun to climb in the extreme cold or hot weather.

2. Secure a minimum of two (2) Climbing Instructors for that weekend. More instructors may be required. A six to one 6/1 ratio (One (1) instructor to every six (6) climbers) must be maintained. Do this also as far in advance as possible. Contact Mark Johnson at for help finding qualified climbing instructors.

3. Promote the climbing trip to your unit. You can prepare meeting nights based around the Climbing Merit Badge requirements. Show a video tape of “Over Stone” or “Rock Climbing Skills”. Arrange for a Climbing Instructor to come to your meeting to present some basic skills.

4. Make sure to have the Climbing Instructors reserve any needed climbing gear / equipment from the Ventura County Council Climbing Committee. The Instructors will need to know how many climbers will be participating. Equipment is only checked out to Climbing Instructors.

5. Provide meals and a tent site for the Climbing Instructors. Also it would be greatly appreciated if you helped the Instructors offset the cost of transportation to the climbing location (gas) and made a donation for the wear and tear of the Instructors personal gear / equipment.

6. Confirm everything with the Climbing Instructors two weeks prior to your event.

7. Have a great climbing weekend. Everyone will remember this experience forever. Climbing weekends often become a favorite outing.

The Ventura County Council High Adventure Team offers Climbing Instructor training courses throughout the year.  Take take a look at the HAT Training Schedule for additional events and training.