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Trail Boss

TrailBoss150Trail Boss participants will be trained by the Trail Boss staff using the most current BSA Trail Boss training standards and safety precautions. The training consists of instruction in trail maintenance and repair, equipment, safety considerations and first aid. Trail Boss training offers many opportunities to further develop teamwork and responsibility in scouting and promotes the concept that we are all stewards of our environment while giving us the satisfaction of being able to say:

“I made a difference today”.


T.R.A.I.L. BOSS and Jr. Trail Builder Training
(Teaching Resources And Individual Leadership)

Who should attend?
All Scouts and Scouters. (General public welcome as well)

To properly train both youth and adults to become competent in supervising and participating in trail maintenance and conservation projects.

1. Attend a scheduled indoor training session. (6 hours)
2. Attend a scheduled outdoor training session that includes a trail project (6 hours minimum) under the supervision of U.S.F.S. or a qualified Trail Boss instructor.
3. Adults: Lead or assist in an additional three trail projects of 6 hours minimum each for a total of 30 hours of service.
Youth: Lead or assist in one additional trail project of 6 hours minimum for a total of 18 hours of service.

What will I learn:
• How to carry out a Condition Survey to determine project scope, persons required, work to be accomplished, potential hazards, materials and tools required.
• Safety of tool usage, working space, travel along the trail, courtesy to passing hikers and/or workers.
• Procedures and techniques for brush clearing and disposal (brushing), tread widening, shaping and drainage, support, switchback construction, stream crossings, slide corrections, and water bar construction.
• Proper preparation and use of soil/cement sacks, logs, cribbing, rocks, etc. for trail support (i.e. retaining walls).

Topics Covered: TrailBossTrainingPatch
Classroom topics covered (6 hours):
• Welcome to Trail Boss Training
• Trail Boss First Aid and Safety for trail work
• Tool Safety (How to use, carry and store)
• Trail Boss Construction Terms
• Trail Boss Brushing (Tools for Brushing and Brushing Standards)
• Tread Construction and Repair
• Trail Boss Advanced Topics Session
• Trail Boss Pruning Session
• Repair of Switchbacks
• Dry Wall Construction
• Soil Sack Walls JrTrailBuilderPatch
• French Drain
• Trail Service Awards
• Trail Boss and Participants Responsibilities
• Condition Survey
• HAT awards and Requirements.

Field Project (6 hours):
• A field project will focus on proper brushing and tread work.

Adults that complete this program will receive a HAT Trail Boss segment and Trail Boss Card. The Trail Boss Training patch will be available to purchase for $5.00.

Youth that complete this program are eligible to purchase the Jr. Trail Builder patch for $5.00.

Training Dates:
See our Training Schedule for upcoming dates and registration information.
If it is raining the week before the class, please contact us to confirm that the class will be held.

Session 1 – Indoor session
• Sack lunch and drinks.
• BSA uniform and hiking shoes.
• Writing materials.

Session 2 – Outdoor session
• Bring a sack lunch and plenty of water.
• Day pack with 10+ essentials.
• Hat, gloves, long sleeve shirt, long pants and boots or hiking shoes.
• Sunscreen and bug repellant.

Course prerequisites:
• Be a registered Scout/Scouter.
• Trail Boss Training – age 18 minimum.
• Jr. Trail Builder – age 11 minimum.
• Bring a current copy of your Youth Protection Training that is appropriate for your BSA membership. (18 and over)
• Bring a current copy of your Annual Health and Medical Record. (Parts A, B & C)
• After your training, you will need a qualified High Adventure Team member at your outing in order to earn future High Adventure Trail and Conservation Awards.

For questions, please contact Gordon Hemphill at